June 26, 2018 Event Crew

The Fastest Party In Town

What is The Fastest Party In Town? It is, of course, the Red Bull Day in the Dirt, and it’s heading Down Under in 2018 for the very first time.

Australia will etch its way into Day in the Dirt history on September 7-9 when the party unfolds in the Sunshine State, taking place at none other than Queensland Moto Park – the ideal playground for dirt bikes, partying and most of all, a damn good time.

The first Day in the Dirt was hosted back in 1998 by stunt duo Kenny Alexander and Jimmy Roberts in an effort to bring back the spirit and soul to the races.

Ever since then it’s been a landmark event in Southern California, attracting the who’s who of the industry along with Hollywood stuntmen, celebrities and some of racing’s top pedigree.

A bucket list for many, the good news is our very own Down Under edition will provide that experience a little closer to home, and we’re extending the invite Australia-wide to join in on the fun!

There are no points to be gained or championships to be won at Day in the Dirt, just bragging rights and the chance to have a hell of a time with your closest mates and family.

In fact, family is a huge aspect of Day in the Dirt, so while the main circuit, which is three motocross tracks connected into one, is where most of the action will take place, we’ve opened up the Pee-Wee track – plus there’s also the Dust Hustle TT circuit – so there’s no reason to leave your little whippersnapper at home.

Day in the Dirt isn’t just for regular racers either, it’s an all-inclusive event that caters for novices through to Pro-level motocross and off-road riders. There are a host of classes and categories to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits you and your bike.

Oh, and of course there are team categories, so pull together your crew for some of the most fun, hectic and exciting races at Day in the Dirt. Whether you’re husband/wife, oldie/youngy, male/female or mate/mate combination, it’s bound to go down!

Day in the Dirt extends beyond just the on-track action too, so if you’re sitting out the races – and even if you’re not – there are trackside food vendors and bars on the menu. Grab your favourite brew, sit back, relax and watch everyone else do the hard yards.

Events like the Friday night Drags, Mini Speedway and Dust Hustle TT Track are all on offer for spectators to enjoy as well, while trade set-ups from the biggest and raddest brands in the industry will be on hand to drool over the latest moto gear. Let’s not forget the Moto Legends and current-day Pro superstars that will be taking part in the event, so make sure you say g’day and snag an autograph.

What do you reckon? Are you keen to join in on The Fastest Party In Town?

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