June 27, 2018 Event Crew

Pull ya buddies together, team up and have a ripper time in some of the most hectic racing of Day in the Dirt Down Under. There are three main team categories to choose from, so whether you’re alongside your mates, misso, or heck, even mum and dad if they’re cool slash brave enough, you’re gonna be maxing out on all-time fun.

Bossa Nova 3-Man Team Grand Prix

Grab two pals, form a team, and do the Bossa Nova! With 45 minutes on the clock, you and whatever you call your teammates will be out on track mixing it up at the same time. Whichever team clocks up the lowest combined time will be the winner, but who really gives a damn about them… Classes are: Fast Guys / New Guys / Moto Industry.

The Old Switcheroo

Share a bike or use your own – we don’t really care… The Old Switcheroo is simple: Swap a wristband every lap in the transition area and hope that you make it to the chequered flag. The timer’s set to 45 minutes, so take your time, or don’t. Things are gonna get pretty wild in this one!

Moto a Go-Go

A race of survival, the Moto a Go-Go is a two-rider team event. You’re gonna be at it for 75 minutes, but good thing you’ll be able to tag your teammate in following each lap – just like The Old Switcheroo. Once you’ve completed a lap in moto paradise, you can check out, catch your breath, and do it all over again until the clock stops. Classes are: Novice / Intermediate / Pro.

Partner Showdown

While not open to your average Joe, the Partner Showdown will be a chance to see how good and bad the pen-pushers of the industry can moto. Partners and sponsors of Day in the Dirt Down Under have been called in for this one, where we’ll throw in a few ring-in ‘name’ riders to help them across the line in the 30-minute stint.

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