July 1, 2018 Event Crew

Moto has always been about speed, style and good times. It’s a combination that’s sure to sentence you to a life of two wheels and engines. Once you’ve twisted the throttle, felt the rush and heard the sweet, sweet sounds of a motorcycle, there’s just no going back.

Fasthouse embodies the best of moto and is a brand for the culture-infused badasses of motorcycle riding. It’s the brainchild of Kenny Alexander, the legend behind Red Bull Day in the Dirt, which is coming to cause a ruckus Down Under in 2018. Kenny knows a thing or two about style, and he lives the lifestyle that’s preached through the Fasthouse brand.

In a time where the bikes of the sport have advanced over the heavy, unreliable pieces of machinery that they once were, and the focus of riders has turned to big-dollar contracts and racing in front of crowds of thousands, the heart and soul of motocross is still very much the same, and Fasthouse is here to share and enjoy that very aspect.

The Californian company arcs back to when rules were few and fun was abundant, and represents the fun-havers of moto with a dose of nostalgia. The brand is built on an energised lifestyle full of passion for motorcycles and the people who race them.

Known as the purveyors of good times in motocross, Fasthouse is a creator of apparel, racewear and hardware for those who dig something that goes against the grain. Each and every design has meaning – meaning that Fasthouse hopes they will throw you back to the good ol’ years of racing every time you slide on their threads.

Living up to its Speed, Style and Good Times moniker in every single way, Fasthouse is crafted from the heart and is best described as a brand of purpose with respect for the history and legends of the past, and an enthusiastic optimism for the future of the greatest things we love all so much – motorcycles.

Share the stoke with us at Queensland Moto Park on September 7-9.

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