July 12, 2018 Event Crew

The endless dirt bike playground that is Queensland Moto Park will be the home of Red Bull Day in the Dirt Under in 2018, and we’re itching to get a little loose in the soil on September 7-9. The chaos is set to go down across four different tracks that will put a grin on you from ear to ear – here’s what they are and what you need to know about them.

1. Main MX Track

The Main MX Track is basically what it’s called. It’s where most of the action will unfold throughout the weekend and will be home to the legends taking on the motos. The circuit will see three motocross tracks joined together, plus a fun little grasstrack extension for good measure, which we reckon will take the fast guys around five minutes to complete. And don’t fret if you’re fresh to riding – the course has been shaped so even a novice rider will be able to comfortably negotiate the main track.

2. TT Track

The home of the Dust Hustle TT! The TT Track will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is mostly for the smaller bikes and beginners, but once the clock ticks over late Saturday arvo, it will become the playing ground to a take-no-prisoners battle with the most inappropriate fun you could imagine!


3. Pee-Wee Track

We can’t forget about the little whippersnappers! They’ll have their own mini Day in the Dirt circuit to cruise around on and show us what they’ve got. There’s no reason to leave the youngin’ at home when you can make a weekend of it that the whole family can get in on the good times.

4. Drag Strip

Ah, the holy-grail of Friday arvo’s shenanigans! Conveniently located in the middle of the pits, the Drag Strip is a run what you brung’ type of deal that calls for bar-banging racing. There’s not much else to say about this one – just roll up and pin it! Turning is not recommended…

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