July 16, 2018 Event Crew

There are literally so many races to choose from at Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under, and there’s bound to be one for each and every riders’ taste. Either way, the best part is that there’s always going to be something rad happening out on track. Here are a few that we just can’t wait for…

State of Origin: QLD vs NSW

It doesn’t get much better than a scrap between Queensland and New South Wales, and you can sure as hell count on some trash talk heading into this one. It’s simple – it will be an all-out battle of the Maroons versus the Blues. Which team will you be getting behind?

Women’s Grand Prix

They already give the blokes a run for their money, but the ladies of moto will be the centre of attention in their very own class. Women’s categories have served up some of the closest racing we’ve seen, so we’re definitely keen to see them get loose at Day in the Dirt Down Under.

2-Stroke Revival Race

2-strokes, young and old! You can’t help but feel nostalgic when inhaling the fumes of pre-mix fuel, and don’t get us started on the beautiful sounds that 2-stroke machines make on the pipe. Oh, and the King of the Desert himself, Toby Price, is building a pretty cool KTM 250SX specifically for the event, so it’s gonna be sweet deal watching him throw down on it!

Legends Grand Prix

A chance to see if the racers of yesteryear still have it! It’s always rad to see the guys you looked up to hit the track in their older years, and that’s what the Legends Grand Prix is all about. We’re putting our money on there being a few still with the competitive spirit, so don’t be surprised to see a few old rivalries reignited.

Indigicross Grand Prix

A nod to the original landowners of this beautiful country. It’s gonna be cool to see riders with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage take to the track and bang bars with some former and current-day indigenous moto legends!

Coup De Grace

A 75-minute moto isn’t so bad when you’re on the sidelines… We’re gonna let the fast dudes take care of this one while we soak in the action. This is where the greatest bragging rights are earned at Day in the Dirt Down Under, and Dakar Champion, Price, has already dished out talk that he’s looking to take out the crown. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to beat him?

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