July 26, 2018 Event Crew

Bell Helmets is a brand synonymous with dirt bike riding and racing, and they’ve been crafting premium lids to protect our domes since 1954 – so a damn long time!

Founded by Roy Richter in the garage of a Southern California speed shop, Bell redefined the racing helmet and, in doing so, spawned an entire industry.

The company has been a leader, or should we say, a pioneer, in protection and progression. For over 60 years the best dirt bike riders around the world have used its helmets, including our very own home-grown Toby Price, plus those two rad American folks Tyler Bereman and Darryn Durham.

Around this time last year, Bell hooked up with Fasthouse to start creating lids that shared the raw and edgy vibes of the Fasthouse crew in its Moto-9 range, with comfort and protection to suit. We’d like to call it a match made in heaven!

If the legend Kenny Alexander, the man behind Fasthouse and this whole Red Bull Day in the Dirt party, says Bell make the raddest helmet on the market, then you can sure bet that they’re pretty damn cool.

“When I was a little dude we used to go riding in the desert – my dad was a dedicated desert racer – and I spent every weekend racing at local motocross tracks,” says Alexander. “I started wearing Bell helmets at age 9. They were then and still are the raddest helmets out there. Bell has deep roots, a rich moto heritage, and they make the coolest and safest helmets, and Fasthouse is stoked to partner up with them.”

Day in the Dirt is known for a few epic custom paint helmets to surface just for the event, most commonly painted than none other than Troy Lee. Part of the Bell x Fasthouse collection is the limited-run Day in the Dirt edition that gives a nod to the event, and well, we’re pretty excited to see what comes of this year’s latest instalment.

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