July 26, 2018 Event Crew

Darryn Durham races, sometimes. Well, you can scratch in Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under, because the stylish Pennsylvania-native just booked a flight to Oz for The Fastest Party In Town!

If you’ve been around motocross for a while, you’re probably pretty familiar with his name – I mean, he is an AMA Supercross 250SX Main Event victor, but it’s his laidback and have-fun approach that’s landed him in the circle of moto’s raddest people.

Taking to his first professional season of racing in 2009, DD has always remained true to why he rides – and that’s to have fun on his dirt bike, just like each and every one of us.

While Durham isn’t grinding away and clicking off Pro races week in and week out anymore, he still gets his fair share of racing in when he wants to, hitting up events like Day in the Dirt, Mammoth Motocross, Red Bull Straight Rhythm and the odd Motocross and Supercross National.

Oh, and he’s almost always riding – whether that’s dabbling in the Hollywood stunt industry, launching hits in the hills, absolutely shredding on two-strokes or making epic films for The Viewing, you can bet that he’ll be on a bike somewhere having a helluva time.

Darryn’s always had this cool and edgy vibe about him, and he oozes style on and off the bike. Decked out in Fasthouse threads since the early days in ’16, he’s been living and preaching the brand’s mantra, ‘Speed, Style and Good Times’ for his entire life.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen Durham pilot electric bikes, two-strokes and vintage bikes, plus the modern-day race weapon. To say we’re keen to see what he has lined-up for Day in the Dirt Down Under is a pretty damn big understatement.

With his partner in crime and dirt bike ace, Tyler Bereman, also making the journey to Queensland Moto Park – plus add in straight-up Aussie legends like Toby Price, Dan Reardon and Lewis Woods – we’re gonna have one hell of a weekend.

What do you say? Are you in on living out the best weekend of the year?

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