July 26, 2018 Event Crew

The Coup de Grace; the holy-grail of Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under; the one category that grants you the right to talk all the smack you want without looking like a tool – but only if you’re triumphant, of course.

It’s the final race of the weekend, and the distance is unknown – yep, the chequered flag is only dropped when the bloke running the race damn well feels like it, making it an all-out marathon that diminishes any sorta strategy.

Aussie legend and Dakar Rally champion, Toby Price, has run his luck in the US edition of Day in the Dirt’s Coup de Grace, and he’s pulled up with two victories in three attempts, so you could say he knows a thing or two about riding a dirt bike and winning this gruelling race.

“Look, I can’t give away too many of my secrets (laughs)!” says the Aussie larrakin. “The Coup de Grace is a long, tough event because you’re on a motocross track and then you’re going into bush loops a little bit, so it’s hard to get a good bike set-up for the race.

“Also, not really knowing how long the race is going to go for – it’s basically up to the organisers when the racing is called, so it’s hard to plan your fuel stops. It’s a tough one, but to be able to win two of them in the States has been pretty awesome.”

Toby’s not going to Day in the Dirt Down Under to f#$k spiders either – he’s already talking a big game and wants those bragging rights, and of course, the trophy, more than anyone else.

“Hopefully I can keep that streak going when we kick-off here in Australia,” he continues. “You definitely want to win some races at Day in the Dirt because they have some rad and pretty cool prizes. At the end of the day, it’s not going there to be too competitive, but some of the prizes and trophies that are up for grabs are pretty cool to have at home on your shelf.”

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