July 26, 2018 Event Crew


Tyler Bereman is the kind of guy your girlfriend tells you not to worry about – he has an effortless style on a motorcycle, isn’t scared to send it on just about any hit he can think of, and he’s got some damn good speed on a dirt bike to match.

In other words, he’s the kinda bloke we wish we all were on a bike, and luckily for us, he’s heading to Australia for Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under on September 7-9 at Queensland Moto Park.

Bereman started out like most riders do, and that’s growing up racing the amateur scene from a young age. In fact, he was just 10 years old when he started racing dirt bikes, which came after years of trailriding and finding jumps wherever he could.

He progressed pretty quickly, collecting an AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship in 2010 before trying his hand at the AMA Supercross series in 2013. Despite some promising finishes, he knew that racing just wasn’t his scene.

Bereman has since become widely known for his ability to throw a dirt bike around in the air and hucking incredibly large hits. It’s a combination of the two that’s earned him some pretty neat accolades, including medals at X Games and prestigious Best Whip competitions, plus he’s a pretty familiar face in some of the most epic video parts that have surfaced in moto over recent years.

A member of the Red Bull, Fasthouse and Bell families, Tyler is more than more than just a ‘send it’ guy, too, most recently taking to dirt track circuits across the US in the X Games and Hooligan racing, as well as still getting his racing fix at events like Day in the Dirt. Most importantly, he’s an approachable dude with a beaming personality, and is always down to shoot the shit.

So whether you’re watching from the Main MX Track at the Down Under edition, hanging over the fence at the Dust Hustle TT Track or lining up next to him, expect Tyler to be putting on a show, and don’t be afraid to have a chat with the blonde-headed Californian.

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