August 8, 2018 Event Crew

With zero racing experience, where can you ride a fully-fledged motocross track – plus more motorcycle circuits – amongst a heap of like-minded moto enthusiasts for the first time? Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under – that’s where!

We’re extending an open invitation to anyone who wants to ride at Day in the Dirt Down Under, meaning that whether you’re a Pro racer, weekend warrior or simply a dirt bike enthusiast who owns a motorcycle of some sort, then there’s a spot waiting for you at the start line.

We’ve got heap of classes to choose from that cater for everyone’s ability and make of bike, so there’s no need to be intimidated about racing people with more experience because you can just throw yourself in with a bunch of relatively equally skilled riders.

Then there’s the circuit – or the Main MX Track – which is technical enough to keep the fast guys interested, yet simple enough for the fresh-faces of moto to handle.

The track will see three motocross tracks joined together plus a fun little grasstrack extension for good measure, which we reckon will take the fast guys around five minutes to complete, and a little longer for the new crew.

If you don’t think that’s your cup of tea, then the Dust Hustle TT Track is calling your name. It’s simple, flat and you can pretty much race any damn bike you can get your hands on around it.

Oh, and there’s also a heap of different classes and races that will be going down in the TT, so again, if you’re still learning the ropes of riding a motorcycle, then we’ve got a category just for you!

The best part is that Day in the Dirt Down Under is about having the time of your life whilst being surrounded by a bunch of like-minded souls – there’s no one taking the racing too seriously, so there’s no reason to fret if you’re lining up for the very first time. Come experience your very first race with us at Queensland Moto Park on September 7-9!

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