August 9, 2018 Event Crew

Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under is an all-inclusive event where absolutely everyone is welcome. At the end of the day, we’re just here to have fun with our mates, so we don’t give a damn who you are, just as long as you’re bringing good vibes along with you.

We’re calling out for the ladies of moto to come heckle the guys and give ‘em a run for their money – you know, bang bars and show them who’s really the boss out on the track.

No matter what your skill level is, there’s going to be a class that suits your level of riding. Been around the block a few times? Then there’s a spot waiting for you in the Pro-Am Grand Prix. Never raced before? Good news – you can find your feet in the Novice division.

Oh, and if you’re not down to race the guys, then that’s cool too – we’ve created a Women’s Grand Prix for the ladies only where you can battle the girls in a 30-minute dash – or enduro – whichever way you want to look at it!

The track is roughly six minutes long, so you should be able to squeeze in around five laps. While lengthy, it’s been tamed down to make it a breeze to get around, while there are still a few cool sections to keep the faster-paced riders intrigued.

If you’d prefer something a little simpler, then you can hop on the Dust Hustle TT Track and ride just about any bike you can get your hands on (except for MX race bikes). Join the guys or ride just with the girls in this one too – we’re expecting some killer costumes and crazy antics from this full field of females as they show us how to Hustle!

Time is ticking and we’re just four weeks away from having a helluva time at Queensland Moto Park, so fill out that entry form, hit submit and get ready to join us for The Fastest Party In Town!

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