August 9, 2018 Event Crew

Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under is a pretty special event, so it only makes sense that Aussie legend, Toby Price, is building up a special one-off bike for the event itself. His weapon of choice? None other than a KTM 250SX.

If you’re a fan of moto, then you’re a fan of two-strokes – that’s a given. Thankfully, we’re gonna see a bunch of two-strokes ripping around Queensland Moto Park, and Dakar Rally champion Price is going to be one of them on what will possibly be the coolest bike there.

“I guess the two-stroke mafia world is taking off again, and I just want to try and join the party and get on a smoker!” says the popular larrikin. “It’s going to be interesting – I haven’t raced a two-stroke since my Junior career and I did a couple of supercross races on one. It’s just a fun and cool project – I’ve never built up a two-stroke race bike how I’d like to have it with everything, so it will be cool to showcase it at Day in the Dirt Down Under where the party never stops!”

Being the legend of a bloke that he his, Price is pretty fortunate to have a few companies jump on board and help him with the build that’s being pieced together by moto-guru, Peter Macalpine. As you’d expect, there are a few pretty trick parts going into it that have Toby pretty damn excited…

“I’m resourcing bits and pieces here and there, my favourites part is the two-stroke performance – it’s going to have a port and polish, and MotoKote has supplied a full titanium bolt kit for it, so that’s going to be pretty cool because I’ve never had a titanium bolt kit on a bike before! Worx Performance is going to do all the coatings of the engine cases, so it’s going to be pretty cool and have a bit of my own flavour of what I want. I’m looking forward to getting it all together – a lot of companies have come together on it, so I’ll definitely be giving them some recognition on the weekend of the race and hopefully get some wins aboard it!”

What is definitely cool is that Toby is bringing along a selection of bikes to choose from, so while he’ll be shredding on the two-banger, you’ll also find him easing around on a race-equipped 450SX-F.

“I’m going to have a bit of a collection of bikes there so I can pretty much make it into every class that’s available to me. I’ll have the two-stroke there, so I’ll be able to do the 2-Stroke Revival, and then I’ll have the 450 for the Pro class and the main one at the end of the weekend, the Coup de Grace.”

Wanna line-up alongside Toby? Then get that entry in before it’s too late…

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