Day in the Dirt is about getting together with mates and remembering why we all love twisting the throttle.  While we welcome everyone having a good time, it must be done in the spirit of the event and a no dickhead policy applies.  Come along, have a good time, ride fast, enjoy a cold brew and respect your fellow event goers!

Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Security and Queensland Police will be on site for the duration of the event, QLD police may conduct random breath testing at any time. (For real)
  2. Bikes of any type must not be kicked over or ridden 30 minutes after the race schedule has finished for the day.  If you start or ride your bike after dark you will be asked to leave the event site and your race wristband and transponder will be removed.  There are kids in the campsite and this is for their safety.
  3. Leave nothing but ruts! Drop your rubbish in the allocated bins or even better, take it with you when you leave.
  4. Drugs or alcohol are not permitted to be brought into the event.
  5. Alcohol can be consumed in the designated  licensed areas of the event site and camping bar, prices will be reasonable.
  6. Small personal generators are allowed but please switch them off by 10pm.
  7. All noise to be wrapped up by 12 midnight.
  8. Due to fire restrictions for the area, there will be no open campfires permitted in the camping area.  Small BBQs are ok with a valid test date on the gas bottle. Please bring a small fire extinguisher for your pits just in case.
  9. You can bring your own food to the venue and there will also be great food vans on site.
  10. Anyone acting like a dickhead,  making excess noise, disturbing fellow campers or acting violently will be asked to leave.


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