August 1, 2018 Event Crew

We’re closing in on Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under quickly – in fact, we’re just five short weeks away from having a helluva time when The Fastest Party In Town hits Queensland Moto Park. There’s still plenty of time to sort yourself out and lodge an entry, which is pretty damn easy to do, and it’s even easier on your back pocket than you may think…

1. Fill Out Ya Details

First things first – you need to fill out the boring yet important details such as your name, address, and all that kinda stuff. On this page, you can also choose your race number, along with a secondary choice. If you pull the short straw and both numbers are taken, we’ll choose one for ya.

2. Pick Your Classes

Next up is the fun part – choosing what classes you wanna race over the weekend. The best part about Day in the Dirt Down Under is that you can race as much as you want, or as little as you want, and you only pay for what you race – how damn good is that?! Races such as State of Origin, QLD Vs The Rest and the Junior Lites GP start from just $35 (fancy-schmancy dinners cost more than that!) while races on the Dust Hustle TT Track are only $30 per class! For the bulk of the racing on the Main MX Track – so events like the Women’s GP, Veteran’s Classic GP and the Coup de Grace – you can expect to pay $45 (this price also applies per person in team events such as the Bossa Nova GP and Moto A Go Go).

3. The Extras

If you already hold a Motorcycle Australia licence, then the good news is you won’t have to fork out any more cash. If you don’t and only plan on riding in the Dust Hustle TT events, you’ll need to purchase a Recreational Licence for $35, but if you plan on heading out on the Main MX track, you’ll need to purchase a One-Event Competition Licence for $75. Both of these licences will cover you for the duration of the weekend.

4. Crossing The Line And Finishing

With the finish line in sight, all you gotta do is review which classes you’ve selected, and either continue or add more if you feel like it, before making a safe and secure payment. It’s as simple as that!

So, now that you’ve pulled the trigger and entered your races of choice for the first ever Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under, it’s time to sort out your camping situation. You can get all the information you need here:

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