August 23, 2018 Event Crew

It’s never fun doing anything on your own, right? Well, that’s why we’re hosting a bunch of pretty rad team races at Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under that are gonna make for some seriously good times.

Imagine this: you race, come in for a lap or two, let ya teammate go battle it out, and when you eventually cross the line, you can brag about lifting the squad to victory, or bang on about how they let you down. Either way, you’re gonna have a blast, so it’s a win-win!

There are three main team races: the Bossa Nova 3-Man Team Grand Prix, The Old Switcheroo and Moto A Go-Go. If they sound a bit wild, that’s because they are.

For the Bossa Nova 3-Man Team Grand Prix, all you gotta do is grab two of your best mates – or worst – give ya’selves a name and do the Bossa Nova! Oh, there is the riding part too, which is 45 minutes worth and you’ll all be on track at the same time. Fastest team wins! Simple, hey?

The Old Switcheroo explains itself. Or does it? Anyway, you can use your own bike or share one – we don’t really care. Basically, you’ve only gotta do a lap, switch the wristband over, and the work is done… for a lap, that is, then you’re back on track. It’s going to go down in this one, and we’re frothing to be in the mix.

And finally, there’s the Moto A Go-Go! Dubbed a race of survival – unless you get your teammate to do most of the riding. Chuck 75 minutes on the clock, and like The Old Switcheroo, you can tag in and out as you please.

There’s still time to put a team entry in, so round up your mates and lock yourselves in for three days of flat-out fun! And don’t forget to sort out your camping plan, too:

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