August 30, 2018 Event Crew

We’re still accepting entries to Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under – and we will be up until midnight on Tuesday, September 4 – so if you’re still undecided about buying a ticket to race, we’ve narrowed down a few favourite aspects of the event that we simply can’t wait for to help you make up your mind!

1. A Damn Good Time

One thing we can guarantee at Red Bull Day in the Dirt Down Under is that you’ll have damn good time! With a heap of classes to choose from, a list of legends, entertainment, plus all the other shenanigans that go down with your best mates, it’s a recipe for a ripper weekend.

2. Heaps Of Legends

Yep, a heap of moto lords will be in town. The ever-so-stylish Tyler Bereman and Darryn Durham will be making the journey from the US, Aussie legend Toby Price will be swinging off a 2-Stroke, and Supercross champion Dan Reardon will be in the mix amongst the complete KTM Motocross Racing Team.

3. Team Races

It doesn’t get much better than team races! Pick ya fastest mates, give ya’selves a name and let the rest unfold on the track. There are three team races to choose from: The Old Switcheroo, Bossa Nova 3-Man and Moto A Go-Go.

4. The Fastest Party In Town

When we say it’s The Fastest Party In Town, we mean it. When all is said and done on the track, grab yourself a Young Henrys, spin some yarns and get amongst the wild crew as the night unfolds.

5. Friday Night Drags

There are no rules with this one – it’s as simple as run what ya brung and give it what ya got down the strip. It’s conveniently located in the middle of the pits, so it’d be rude not to get involved.

6. Dust Hustle TT

It’s bound to go down in the Dust Hustle TT – AKA, the home of inappropriate fun. Once the clock ticks over late Saturday arvo, it will become the playing ground to a take-no-prisoners battle and the most epic time you could imagine!

7. Make A Long Weekend Of It

Make a weekend of it at Queensland Moto Park! Some of our favourite memories in moto are hanging out with mates, camping by the track with a beverage in hand and talking smack ’till the lights go out.

8. All-Inclusive

We’re extending an open invitation to anyone who wants to ride at Day in the Dirt Down Under, meaning that whether you’re a Pro racer, weekend warrior or just a dirt bike enthusiast with a bike, then there’s a spot waiting for you at the start line. So, what are you waiting for? Lock in your spot to race and then grab a camping ticket to make sure you’ll have a two-wheeled weekend to remember.

Just Wanna Watch?

If you don’t wanna race and simply wanna come and check out the action from the fence, that’s absolutely fine! Pick up a spectator ticket and you’ll be having just as much fun as everyone else on September 7-9.

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